You can make a difference.

Our program main focus is to provide quality education to every kids.

Your support can mean a whole world to these children.


Providing access to education to as many children as possible.

The Harris Foundation is strongly devoted to its goal of providing access to education to as many children as possible. The charity uses generous donations to fill the gaps related to lack of supplies and access to academic resources that are crucial in making students perform better.


The Harris Foundation Mission

Improve the lives of people, by aiding them in overcoming daily challenges and giving them more opportunities to grow as individuals and professionals.

Quality Child Education

The Harris Foundation commits itself to helping students from all backgrounds to access quality education, while keeping them connected to valuable academic resources and social integration facilities. At the same time, they cater to the needs of teachers, offering them support and raising funds for improving their wellbeing.

Our Main Goal

The Harris Foundation is a charity that focuses on giving support to kids and students of all backgrounds who find it hard to integrate in a quality educational environment and become permanent members of it, walking stably through all academic levels up to earning a Bachelor’s degree.

“Making schools better to allow students thrive in a vibrant and dynamic environment.”

All Kids Deserves Quality Education