Education Is Key Factor To Building Healthy Societies


Education is key factor to building healthy societies driven by leaders of change and bright minds.

Education is key factor to building healthy societies driven by leaders of change and bright minds. In order to become a skilled professional, a person has to have a strong educational foundation that starts from childhood. Unobstructed access to education and academic resources allows kids to acquire the basic set of abilities, while receiving opportunities to grow in the area of their own interest. A huge problem of today’s world is the limited access of some children (or lack thereof) to quality education that endangers their future and puts under question their ability to provide for their life as adults. Without a proper educational background, a young person has a narrow chance of getting a job, risking to face poverty or become the victim of forced labor and surplus work.

Charity Foundations are here to tackle these risks by giving support to kids and students of all backgrounds who find it hard to integrate in a quality educational environment and become permanent members of it, walking stably through all academic levels up to earning a Bachelor’s degree. By means of donations, fundraising and organizing meaningful courses for underprivileged students, the charity aims at improving literacy in poor societies and giving a chance to each and everyone to thrive academically and professionally. The target groups of foundation’s charitable efforts include:

1. Poor students

Because of poverty, many parents fail to ensure the integration of their children in an educational cycle. This is especially dangerous for primary school from where everything starts. Without a foundation laid at the starting level, the child will have no chance to handle the set of knowledge received in upper classes. Charity foundations pledge to help students with limited access to education and academic resources. They donate school supplies, gadgets, textbooks to the needy, helping them to keep up with the flow of information and succeed along with the rest of the students.

2. Girls

Girls in the poorest areas around the world are often subject to discrimination of gender when it comes to access to education. Many are deprived of this right with boys being privileged and given the best. Charity foundations see it as a priority and mission to help disadvantaged girls receive access to quality and indiscriminate education and get a chance to have a career, thriving as an outstanding professional respected by employer and whole society. The charity’s donation campaigns aim at encouraging girls to overcome the gender inequality barrier and attend school, being given the same opportunities as boys to succeed academically and develop critical skills.

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