Impact Of Charities


The impact of charities is strongly felt in education, as they help students and teachers overcome challenges and continue to be integral part of the educational process.

In the hard times the world goes through today, charity seems to have a huge role in saving lots of despaired people. The impact of charities is strongly felt in education, as they help students and teachers overcome challenges and continue to be integral part of the educational process in spite of stress, scarce resources and limited access to vital academic tools.

The Harris Foundation commits itself to helping students from all backgrounds to access quality education, while keeping them connected to valuable academic resources and social integration facilities. At the same time, they cater to the needs of teachers, offering them support and raising funds for improving their wellbeing. Keep reading to get an insight into the whole array of charity activities Harris Foundation is involved in.


Supplying students with learning resources

With the transfer to online education, the demand for gadgets has been on a rise among students. The lack of a top-quality device may deprive the children of the essential right to education or compromise their academic performance. The Harris Foundation has taken a firm stand on this issue pledging to provide students with the needed resources so that they continue to receive quality education. The charity gives its best to help underprivileged students smoothly integrate into the academic environment, becoming equal participants of it and have equal opportunities to thrive and grow from simple pupils to graduates to outstanding professionals.


Providing professional formation programs

For those students that fear to end up in the middle of nowhere after graduation, the charity comes with an array of professional formation programs. They are focused on guiding students through a wise career choice, helping them settle in a field which suits their skills best. The participants are motivated to seek their niche and aspire to a job that coincides with their area of interest so that they get maximum pleasure at the workplace. The students receive a hands-on experience initiating them in a real working environment, being advised how to overcome stress and deal with challenging situations. The programs are curated by highly-qualified counselors with an extended experience behind and fully dedicated to lend a helping hand to undecided future graduates.


Supporting teaching staff

Poorly motivated and stressed teachers tend to compromise the students’ acquisition of knowledge and make them less prepared for future academic and professional challenges. That’s why, it is important to provide teachers with stress relieve counselling service and financial support so that they can survive the hard times and can sustain a positive and vibrant learning environment which is indispensable for children.


Deeply concerned about this issue, the Harris Foundation organizes fund raising campaigns to help teachers keep up with their daily expenses as well as set up counselling centers which offer psychological support to teachers who are overwhelmed by the daily load of work and are struggling with anxiety. The centers are open to offering counseling to the teaching stuff of all academic levels. No matter it is a preschool tutor or a university lecturer, everybody is welcome to tell what’s their grief and seek mental support from professionals.

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