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Infinite Possibilities for ALL children

8/17/2010 6:35 PM - Kelly Sauve

The Harris Foundation's Educational Forum is an effort to raise awareness about the issues in our educational system and give voice to America's cities. One recurring theme is the dropout crisis. The statistics support what educators see every day: TheAlliance for Excellent Education tells us that 1.2 million students are dropping out each year.

Further highlighting this issue, Education Week published an article today outlining the findings of a recent report by the Schott Foundation for Public Education. The article found that only 47% of America's black males are graduating from high school on time - this is 30% lower than their white counterparts. [Please read the article in its entirety by clicking here].

As a society, we have to recognize these disparities and make a commitment to change. Grad Nation tells us that high school dropouts are two times as likely to as graduates to be unemployed, three times as likely to live in poverty, eight times as likely to go to prison, and two times as likely to become a parent of a dropout.

THF has been travelling the country to hear the issues in some of the United States' largest metropolitan areas and the initiatives being used to address them. In light of today's Education Week article, we would love to hear from you both on a micro- and macro- level. What is your community doing to address this issue? What can educational leaders do to create a bigger systemic change?

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